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Resonates Almost Too Much

“I read my sun sign (Aquarius) as well as rising sign (Capricorn) horoscopes just now. Both resonate almost too much with who I am and the life I have been given to live. But it’s so wonderful to be “understood” by your work. Thank you always for truth-telling, and not just in the horoscopes. You are a precious gem in my life.” — E. Metz, subscriber Post Views: 0

Most Amazing Support

“Tune In 2022 was your best and most amazing support for this Upheaveled Capricorn, yes since 2008. What an unbelievable journey…You have helped me prepare for all the chaos and life-changing events happening all at once. Thanks for being the outstanding and intuitive seeker you are, and for sharing yourself.” Pamela Wilson, on the TUNE IN 2022 annual readings Post Views: 0

So spot-on – you’ve been an enormous help and inspiration

The accuracy of your readings is so spot-on, Eric. I am a Cap sun, Pisces Moon and Rising. Can you relate to me? Ha! Anyway, since 2009, I have been through divorce, sold a house, lived in three rental condos, moved to Australia from Canada and now live half the year in each country; have had two jobs where I soared and then bottomed out, and am now retired by choice and am with a new partner. Oh, and I had my daughter tell me she is becoming a man, so now I have a son. If that ain’t upheaval,…

I feel like I have found a long-lost piece of myself

Incredible! As a Capricorn who has been demolished by Pluto and searching for myself for a long time, I cried so many times reading this. I feel like I have found a long-lost piece of myself through your writings, today especially through The Art of Becoming. I feel hopeful and even inspired. 🙂 Bravo Eric, you are brilliant, wise, and encouraging as always. Many thanks to you and the entire Planet Waves team for bringing this to life! — Amy Welchez Post Views: 0

You really get us

Just watched the Cap midyear reading…I always get a kick out of how much you LOVE Capricorn. There’s a lot of mirth going on. Plus, you really get us. I’m a ‘bring it on’ kinda soul and love how you speak to the challenges in such a positive way. Yay, Uranus in the 5th! — Jan Christensen Post Views: 0