Planet Waves

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Concise, Positive, Enlightening and Easy to Understand

I loved the Pisces birthday reading — I found it very concise, positive, enlightening and easy to understand; I love that he does not just give “information,” like what planets are coming and going, but also what that means for my sign, and how to make the best use of that transit or placement. Like having the issues that might be a challenge, and he offers insight on how best to work it for my highest good. Always informative! Presented with humor, and sensitivity! — Laura Garrity

Wise, Empowering, Positive and Enlightening

Love my Pisces reading; been getting them for several years. Wise, empowering, positive and enlightening. Can’t wait for the Tarot reading! I love the video readings best; audios are good, too — seems easier for me to take in the message better. Thank you Eric for making this valuable information accessible, affordable and understandable. It is a service to us all. — Laura Garrity

Spot-On, Great Guidance

Thank you, Eric. My Scorpio reading is spot-on for me at this time and provides great guidance on ways to proceed forward. I’ve never been disappointed with my annual reading and revisit it many times through the year. — Angela Nolan

His Work is Revolutionary

I am subscribing to BSP, not because I will even have the time to participate as I should, but because I want to support Eric and his comrades. His work is revolutionary. He is a revolutionary. I go to his Facebook page whenever I want to read about the current events/news BEFORE I go to newspapers. His dedication to truth and education is ever more important. Onward and upward.   — Susan Dollenmaier