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Delve deeper

Ive been reading your monthly Chronogram horoscopes ever since I can remember. I share it in several Facebook groups each month and just tonight I was guided to delve deeper. So glad I did! I discovered much more of your writings and insight. Looking forward to more. –Danielle Jean

An examination

Interesting class. My current interest in money issues is largely focused on examining toward dismantling the racism and sexism currently hard-wired into our economic systems including the equation of wealth with value of the person. Caregiving is very undervalued economically relative to its actual value, for example. — Karlie Cole

Great class

Great class yesterday. This truly broke ground of inner financial astrology as opposed to the outer ‘advice’, ‘one size fits all’ type of financial astrology. — Sharon Adolph Simmons

Compelling topic

A compelling topic, and was very moved by the openness of everyone on the call. Makes me want to have an ongoing eroticism class so we can ‘practice’ talking ‘tabu’ to one another and then be able to hold it in the outer circles. Another medicine much needed in our world. Thank you to everyone who shared their charts with us all. — Sharon Adolph Simmons

Courage to examine

Thank you everyone for opening up and helping me realise that I’m not alone, particularly when it comes to not revealing much of who I really am to my sons; this is something I have never had the courage to really examine but think it is time to look honestly at myself. –Fiona Elisabeth Robertson

Eye of the Storm

Grateful for the good work you all do; you are the eye of the storm, calm clear and stable within the chaos that surrounds you. Stay safe and centered on purpose. Thank you. Peacefully and quietly being the change we need to see. Bless — Pauline Jones

His work is world class

Eric has grown and grown as an astrologer. I’ve been a hobby astrologer for 20+ years. I got to a point I started thinking astrology is wacko. But I kept following Eric’s work. I’ve bought some of his products over the years. And, eventually, I was thoroughly convinced. Astrology is true and helpful information. And Eric has pushed his astrological scholarship hard and it shows. His work is world class, useful and remarkable. He’s an extraordinary person. — Stefani Quane

Most accurate astrology

I ordered my Sun sign and my Moon/ascendant (same sign). I was blown away by how accurate and useful the information was. I’m on my third reading and it’s turning out to be one of my most accurate astrology readings to date. If you’re on the fence about buying a reading, trust me, it’s high-quality information and outweighs three lattes, two beers, and a month of Netflix. — Stefani Quane